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About Us

We are a MotoAmerica Stock 1000 team, sharing our journey through life in the MotoAmerica paddock. We help see and share the stories from the rest of the pack and paddock, beyond just the premiere teams. Our 2022 rider is Sean Thomas (#52) out of Longmont, Colorado, riding a CW Moto Yamaha R1 Stock 1000 machine.

Why Join?

We're just "normal people" who decided to start a MotoAmerica road racing team. Sometimes we question our sanity (our friends and family do, regularly) but despite the ups and downs we love this sport, and we believe that "normal people" should have a chance to participate in it, despite all the challenges and hurdles to doing so. 

This community shares our team's passion for motorcycles and motorcycle racing, both for racing fans, and for people who are curious about motorcycles, motorcycle racing, and what it takes to participate on the premiere stage in U.S. motorcycle racing, both on the track and behind the scenes.

Join us for:

Behind-the-scenes stories, photos and updates from the MotoAmerica paddock you literally won't see anywhere else; 

As much of the story from the rest of the grid as we're able to capture and share each round. If you've only watched the TV coverage, you may not have seen the incredible racing that happens down the rest of the pack. We're always busy with operating our own team, but as often as possible, we'll share highlights from the rest of the racing, since it takes every participant out there to have a great race.

A Big Thanks

We're a professional motorcycle road racing team, but here in the states the reality is that there is limited industry support for racing. We self-sponsor our team, and, we're supported by a passionate community of brands, business owners, and individual supporters like you who help us keep tires on the bike, gas in the tank, and bike parts on order. We'd be doing this with no outside support, but we are able to do this all better thanks to your support. Thank YOU for being here, and being a part of the community that helps celebrate the high's with us, and supports us through the tough times!